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What Are the Advantages of Buying Radiators in a Real-World Shop?

20-years ago, it was practically unheard of to buy products online. Today, it can still sound a little odd to say “real-world” – that implies there's a fake world, and if you’d said that two decades ago, people would have worried for your sanity!


So, yes, for me, born in the 80s, it sounds odd to say “real world”. Growing up, a “real world” shop was just a shop, but with the internet, the shop can be virtual.



Anyway, enough of that daydreaming, today, I’m going to explain why there are still some advantages of buying radiators in a real world shop compared to when you buy radiators online.


Advantage 1: You Can See in Real-Life How the Radiator Looks

While virtual reality is almost here in a usable form, you can’t yet look at something online and get a feel for what it will really look like in real life. There is no substitution for actually using your eyes to assess and judge your radiator directly.


In a real-life shop, you can touch, you can hold, you can examine the radiator properly. This will give you a good idea about the quality and sturdiness of the radiator. When you buy your radiators online, you can’t see these things. Instead, you need to rely on other people’s reviews and opinions in order to assess a product. Those reviews are often biased and one-sided, so they don’t particularly help, either.


Advantage 2: Better Help and Knowledge

The online radiator websites are great. They have plenty of useful information and advice, but it’s not quite the same as talking to an expert in person. In a real-world shop, the people who work there often have in-depth knowledge about the product they are selling.


This makes it much easier for you to get decent advice about a product. Ex-plumbers and construction workers run many of these businesses, so they have plenty of useful information that will help you to make the best decision when it comes to buying your new radiators.


Advantage 3: Better Negotiating Opportunities

When you're buying products from a website, you can’t generally enter into a negotiation. You can really ask for a better price – who are you going to ask anyway? It’s not as if a real person permanently operates websites.


In a real-world shop, though, you can negotiate. Staff will often have some leeway in the type of discount they are allowed to offer. For example, you might find that if you buy multiple units of the same radiator, that they offer you a certain discount, or that they include a freebie in the sale.


When you buy radiator online, you can’t negotiate as easily as you can in the real world, and so you might miss some real bargains, as well as some added extras.


If you can, it is definitely worth taking a trip to your local radiator retailer to see if you can find any good deals. Before you go, check out the various websites so that you can contrast the various prices on offer at both. This gives you the best opportunity at finding radiators for the best price.


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