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Winter Warmth At Home

It has often been said that the day humans learnt to make fire was the most important evolutionary moment in history.


Knowing how to make a fire meant they could migrate away from hot climates. This adds to the theory that humans first evolved in the hot climate of central Africa.


Since then, we still must create a heat source. And that for most of us is currently central heating. Not only has the coal fire in homes been banned but the same restrictions are likely to apply to wood-burners.


Gas is the usual method of running central heating, although oil is an option for people living in more isolated areas off the mains.


Electric storage heaters were increasingly common in the nineteen seventies and eighties, but these are seen less frequently now.


 As gas and electricity are both utilities that continue to cost more, then we should not lose sight of the possibility that electric heat source may becoming cheaper at some future point.



Electric bathroom radiators are certainly popular, and this is for several reasons. The first obvious reason is that they can operate alone, especially useful when the central heating has been closed for the alleged summer.


They can also be good for drying towels whilst reducing normal bathroom dampness bought about through steam in the air.


The best bathroom towel radiators should incorporate a multi-rail design. This allows towels to dry whilst not preventing warm air circulating about the room.


One of the more popular designs can be described as a classic shape solid column radiator with tubular parts for the towels allowing a good circulation. In other words, the towels are not touching the main solid radiator but are suspended a few inches above.

Both electric and gas fired radiators have perhaps out of necessity become increasingly efficient. Timer controls can also allow greater flexibility especially now there are apps to allow remote control from any wireless device.


Nany people don’t get home at the same time every evening, so the remote control can save unnecessary waste of heat.


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