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Top Reasons Why You Might Consider Having Your Radiators Made to Order

When it comes to radiators, most people just go to their local hardware store, choose a model that looks reasonably OK, and then buys it. Very few people are aware that you can actually have your radiators made to order. Today, we are going to look at the advantages of having your radiators made to order. They are more expensive, but they are also more practical. If you can afford it, we would certainly recommend it.


Reason 1: Style

The most obvious reason for choosing bespoke radiators over standard radiators is that you can tailor the radiator to your style. There are many awesome designs within the bespoke range (i.e. radiators that have already been made. Obviously, you can’t have a range of bespoke models, as they are all unique). Some of the most famous examples include a dinosaur for a child’s bedroom and a cauldron for a Harry Potter fan.


If you find a decent radiator manufacture, then the world is practically your oyster by way of the designs you can have. You can tailor the radiator to suit the character of your home. Indeed, many executive homes choose to do this.


Reason 2: Optimisation

The next reason to have your radiators tailor made is that you can ensure that the specs perfectly match the room. Rooms come in all shapes and sizes, but radiators tend to come in set sizes. This affects the efficiency of the radiator in the room. By having a radiator made to order, you can make sure that it provides all the specifications for that exact room.


For instance, you can choose to create the radiator in an unusual shape so that it conforms to the contours of an alcove or a bay window. This latter option is actually much more popular than you might imagine, especially in Victorian and Edwardian properties.


Reason 3: Warranties

The people who make bespoke radiators often design their radiators to a particularly high standard – this is reflected in the price. For this reason, the manufacturers will offer long warranties on their products. It’s common to find radiators with warranties of upwards of 20-years when creating made to order radiators.


This is clearly beneficial because it means that the radiator will last a long time and will not require changing as often. If the radiator perfectly fits the room, it can be harder to find another model that will be suitable, so the long warranty helps to protect against this.


Of course, as we mentioned, this added extra is apparent in the price. Made to order radiators can be two or three times more expensive than standard radiators, and sometimes even more so.


Choosing to buy a made to order radiator is a big deal. They will cost you at least £1000 apiece. However, the benefits you get from them are well worth the price, so it’s certainly worth considering if you have the money.