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Black And Mirrored Heat

Nearly every home in the UK has a central heating system. But most of us just take it for granted until the boiler malfunctions.


Few people are able to tell how old their heating system is. And boiler along with the radiators may be well over ten years of age.


Your annual servicing engineer is likely to be able to guess with some accuracy the age of your system. If it’s more than ten years old, the boiler at least should be changed.

The newer the boiler the greater the efficiency. And the new combi-boilers are extremely compact, meaning they can be hidden away in a small cupboard.


Because we take an old system for granted, it’s very unlikely that you will have idled away a couple of hours looking at the new generation of radiators available online.



If you do take this trouble, then it will come as a surprise to see how attractive the latest models are. Some of the best-looking ones are the anthracite horizontal radiators. Most of us with old systems will automatically associate radiators as white painted steel panels.


But anthracite is just one of the many other materials used today. Anthracite is the hardest form of coal. It has a lustre that makes it hint of deep blue. These radiators make a statement in a newly decorated room.


The contrast between the radiator and background wall covering can be dramatic. If you want to make that even more attractive, then there are some horizontal anthracite radiators that have a middle section of a mirror.


Killing two jobs with one is not unusual with many new radiators. There are other large radiators that look just like a full-length wall mirror.


These can look great in a bedroom. And they are always a clever trick to give the illusion that the entrance hall in a home is much longer than it really is.


Another room where a mirrored radiator is well worth considering, is the bathroom. As the mirror is also the radiator, there is never any presence of steam or condensation.