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What Features Should You Look For When Buying New Radiators For Your Home?

The radiator industry is one that has undergone rapid change in the past two decades, and continues to change rapidly now. Given this, contemporary radiators have come a long way in recent years and there are many features that they can sport to help ensure that our central heating systems are in tiptop condition and working as efficiently as possible.


If you're buying new radiators, it's important that you understand what these features are so that you couldn't make the right decision when buying your new radiator. Today, we are going to explore some of the best features that you can find on Modern radiators. These features serve to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of running your central heating system, so it's wise to take advantage of them.


Triple Panels

Unless you're buying a column radiator, then you should ensure that you buy triple panel radiators.  The amount of heat a radiator can put out is directly related to its surface area. The more the surface area, the greater the heat it can put out.


One of the ways that manufacturers serve to increase the surface area of a radiator is by doubling or tripling the number of panels. Currently, the most panels that you can buy are three. These radiators are 3x as efficient as their single-panel counterparts are.


Convector Fins

As well as using panels to increase the surface area of a radiator, the manufacturers also use convector fins. These corrugated strips of metal sit behind the panel. The best type of contemporary radiator sports three panels and two sets of convector fins. This means that the radiators can emit 5x as much heat as they're single-panel counterparts can.


However, the convector fins also serve another purpose. Because of the way that heat moves through the air, and because of the way that convection works, the convection fins serve to move the heat through the air in a faster, and more efficient, manner. This means that the heat can spread further into the room therefore increasing the way that the heat passes through the room.


Convector fins make the heat in the room much more even and give it a thicker feel.


Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Thermostatic radiator valves are individual thermostats that attach to the valves on your radiators.  They have a wax mechanism inside that opens or closes the valve depending on the temperature of the radiator, opening the valve when the radiator is hot and closing it when it is cold.


This allows you to control the heat of each individual radiator automatically. In the past, you would have had to change the valves manually, but with modern radiators that sport thermostatic radiator valves, it is all done automatically. It isn't a computer or any fancy technology, it's just a very clever mechanical idea that is extremely simple to achieve.




We hope that you now understand the most important technologies that you should be looking for when buying a new radiator. If you are interested in buying a new radiator, please visit https://www.designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk/modern-towel-radiators.