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To properly redecorate a room at home, it's best to take out all the furniture, carpets and any other objects, to get it back to the bare basics.


When it's all painted and papered and looking like new, it's usually only at this point that the old carpet and furniture may suddenly look quite shabby.


It is also true that the radiator and any exposed heating pipes may look grubby. So on reflection, instead of storing the old furniture in the other room whilst decorating the now empty room, what about just just taking it all to the local recycling centre.


Do the same with the whole of the old central heating system, including the boiler if it's over ten years old. Start anew with fresh, stylish furniture, carpets and very modern wall mounted radiators.


Leafing through photos of radiators online is not something any one of us is likely to do unless we are specifically in need of some. But if you do take a look, maybe for the first time in a decade or two, you'll be very pleasantly surprised at how attractive they have become.


Many wall mounted ones look like works of modern art. As such, at the very early stage of the room or whole property refurbishment, mark where you want the radiator to be placed and then chase walls to hide the pipes.




Early central heating systems often had pipes running along the top of the skirting board. This is a magnet for dust and dirt that is not always easy to clean. Hiding the pipes in the wall is not just far neater, but it is no bad thing for the walls.


Brand new central heating systems benefit from the newest and more efficient boilers, and new controls are easy to set and with an app that can be operated from anywhere with wireless.


Unexpectedly working late at the office, or going out after work with friends, doesn't mean you have to heat your empty property.