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It seems a bit odd to confess that buying a whole new central heating system is one of the pleasanter parts of property refurbishment.


If you want to bring a home into the future, then nothing beats a total refurbishment that should also include a whole new central heating system. With modern colourful and innovative radiators, this should always be a major consideration in the total décor package.


If you hardly notice that old and boring white panel on the wall, then you need to take a look online at the latest designs. Radiators have come a long way in recent years, There are many manufacturers all vying to be the best.


The result is that you'll find yourself spoilt for choice. And it's not just radiators. Boilers and clever thermostats are all part of the package.


With the running costs increasing every year, the remote controls mean that being unexpectedly away from home, no longer has to mean wasted heating. It seems these days there is an app for everything, and central heating control is just one of them.


Most properties in the UK didn't have central heating till the early nineteen-seventies. Before that time, the usual heat source was an open fire along with gas and electric.


The country was way behind the rest of northern Europe. When the first systems were fitted, they were all identical when it came to radiators. But if you need to buy radiators today, the choices are so diverse that selecting for each room is a pleasant trial.


They don't all have to be the same. Chrome, anthracite, brass and aluminium in every conceivable size and shape, are there for the choosing.


In rooms where wall space is at a premium, this is particularly useful. Narrow alcoves can be fitted with tall and slim ones. Small bathrooms can be fitted with a heated towel shelf that is above head height.


There's a radiator for every size of room, and there are even radiators that double up as full length mirrors.