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How to Solve Common Interior Design Mistakes

Unless you are a trained professional or a decent amateur, it's likely that you are making several interior design mistakes. This will have an effect on how you feel about your space. You might not like it as much as you would if you could solve these issues. 


Well, in this article, we are going to try to make your life feel that little bit better by helping you solve some of these common problems. 


Look through the list and see if you are doing any of them at home and then fix them. They're cheap fixes but they will improve your living space immeasurably.


Issue One: You Have a Blank Wall


If you have too much space on one particular wall, e.g. there are no pictures, mirrors, or contemporary radiators, then that is a waste of space and it will not look as good as it could. You might think that you're following the minimalistic look, but even then, they would have at least one or two points of interest on the wall. Otherwise, it just looks boring and oppressive. 


If you have a huge blank space like this, add a couple of pictures, mirrors, or decals.  You can still keep it subtle for a minimalist look, but the important thing is to break up a huge chunk of space.


Issue Two: There's Too Much Clutter


If not enough points of interest as a problem, so too are too many points of interest. If you have too much clutter in the room, it's not going to look good. You have to at least create some space between different elements of the room so that the room flows freely and you can move through it easily. Be quite harsh in getting rid of things that you don't need or want. 


Another great tip is to have storage in the room. For example, in a living room, you could buy a coffee table that has a shelf underneath it where you can place things like remote control stand magazines. It just keeps them out of the way and minimises the clutter. An ottoman is another good thing that you can place. It looks especially good under a bay window.


Issue Three: The Room Is Too Dark


Some people think that darkrooms have a cosy feel to them, but this is generally not the place. Instead, if the room is too dark, it can feel oppressive. You'll have to bring some light into the room. Personally, a great colour for your lounge would be something like a warm white.  This colour is warm but not oppressive.  If you want to bring a dark colour into the room, use an accent wall rather than painting the entire room. This will have the effect of creating an interesting space that feels welcoming at the same time.


Issue Four: The Radiator Is Tatty


A common problem that we see is people redecorating their lounge, making everything look great, but neglecting to change the radiator.  An old radiator will bring down the appearance of any room.  Contemporary radiators are fantastic because they come in such a wide range of designs, that you can choose one to suit anything and you can choose one that will act itself as a point of interest for the room. It's a great way to break up that blank wall from issue one.


I hope that you have found this article useful.  Solving these issues can go a long way to creating a space that you love to spend time in.