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Radiant Ravishing Radiators

Who would ever have thought that the humble and rather boring radiator could re-invent itself and become something of beauty?

When you look through the online selection from dozens of manufacturers each with a huge selection to choose from you can see how the older flat panel radiators have been left behind. It really is possible to use the term stylish radiators with something that used to be so dull it was rarely noticed in the room.

Design has arrived in the world of radiators with manufacturers all trying to out-perform each other and leaving us with some wonderful choices. Instead of refurbishing an apartment or house and replacing the old boiler with a new super-efficient model and chucking out the rusting radiators before ordering a dozen more, just stop!

No longer should you take room measurements and work out the size of the radiator before ordering those flat panel cream coloured radiators, instead the new radiators should be part of your design with unique ones for each room.

The range of choice means you are not restricted by the lack of wall space or an awkwardly shaped room where a conventional radiator would never fit properly. Tall and narrow with long and shallow as well as unique shapes like the bamboo range that perfectly fit an awkward corner are all here.


Perhaps you are thinking the master bedroom could do with a full height vanity mirror, well here you can combine the two with the stunning range of mirrored radiators. These are framed just like a mirror and are also good in the bathroom where space may be at a premium.

Many of the manufacturers offer the full RAL choice of colour. This obviously delays the order a little and may add something to the cost but it does mean that you can let your design flare loose and have different colours in every room to reflect the mood and decor.

Have fun replacing old boring radiators with some of these glamorous choices; it’ll sparkle up the room and may even make central heating a dinner party topic.