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Stylish Radiators at Affordable Prices

Chatsworth specialises in supplying radiators to individual households and to the construction trade.

If you are buying into Chatsworth radiators you are investing in a more modest price range than the Zehnder range. Zehnder launched this company, so you are getting quality for your money.

This group makes all kinds of stylish modern radiators as well as more traditional models at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a towel rail, this company makes a sizeable range of these. These rails are very popular these days for bathrooms and kitchens.  It has been a tremendous help that these warming rails were invented.  Our weather is so damp and rainy and if you have a couple of children, the weather is too horrible to dry them on those days.

Among some rules in modern apartment blocks that do not have a garden have a clause in rental or purchase agreements that laundry is not allowed to hang on balconies.  You are stuck if you live in one of those.

In the more traditional range, you will find radiators with panels rather than vertical bars.  These are slender and will fit in a small space close to the wall.  These are very popular in modern homes that do not have large rooms.

Whether radiators are functional looking or are in artistic designer shapes, foremost they have the primary function of keeping your home warm.  Secondary is the style, but if you have something in mind that complement your decor and keep you warm, you need not worry about their heat output.

It all depends whether you are savvy and choose the right BTU output for your room.  Of course, larger rooms need a larger heating surface.  Whether they are columns or panels, it does not matter.

There are handy reckoners on many of the online retailers’ websites which allow you to calculate BTU when you tap in your room measurements.  If you are not sure, there is also a handy helpline so you can talk to someone. Online delivery times are faster than in high street shops.