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Radiate Heat and Style Into Your Home

There are radiators that do look like works of art, but most of them are not noted for their style, but functionality and efficiency.  If they are the latter you may want to cover them up so that they radiate but do not detract from the interior style of your home.

Of course in certain period circumstances such as Edwardian settings Column Radiators are there to be seen and not hidden.  They are just part of the furniture.


If you would rather hide basic radiator styles, you need to make sure that the covers are well designed as you do not want them to take up too much room.  You also need to make sure that the hot air within the cover unit is able to escape properly.

This will allow hot air to circulate efficiently around a space and will also make sure that the heater loses nothing as far as efficiency is concerned. Ideally they should have heating grilles both at the top and bottom of the unit.

If you do this it will allow the air within to circulate.  It stands to reason that you have to be able to remove the front panels so that heating engineers have easy access if something should go wrong with the radiator.

Ugly column heaters are now a thing of the past where our parents had to deal with clunking and hissing things.  Modern examples have been beautifully finished off and they will enhance any home and they don’t really have to be hidden.


If you are not convinced, you should have a look online as there you will be able to view all the models that are available and, of course, keen prices too.  You will find that they are produced in a great variety of colours, including shiny or matt chrome.  The latter will look amazing in any setting, traditional or contemporary.

You also need to consider that true designer styles will cost you more than the more standard conventional models.