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The Choice In Modern Designer Radiators

When you come to change your radiators for something more up to date, you will soon find that there are many wonderful designer models available.


Especially in the field of towel heaters and small designs finish and shape have come a long way. If you are in search of aluminium towel or bench heaters Aeon Radiators have attractive styles available as they have specialised in these kinds of styles.


Of course, designer styles will cost you a little more, but if you want to make a statement by enhancing the décor of your home, these will certainly do that.  However, you should never lose sight of the fact that a radiator’s primary function is to heat the home.


You should also consider which type to choose for efficiency as the right system for you will lower your energy bills.


However beautiful and stylish your radiator is, it has to be powerful enough to be capable to heat your room through and through. For this reason manufacturers make models in different BTU sizes.


It is imperative to work out exactly how many BTUs are needed.  If you can’t do this yourself, your plumber will be more than qualified to do this for you.


If you have chosen an intricately patterned radiator, it will be more difficult to work out the BTU because of the surface area, but manufacturers will specify this on the packaging and retailers will give you help online too.


You need to know that all modern radiators are efficient in different ways. If you should go for a cast iron styles, they are quite slow to come up to temperature, so that needs more energy, but once they are up to temperature they will be more efficient in using energy because they keep their heat so well.


Aluminium is very fast to heat up, but they may not be great to heat up large spaces. This metal is extensively used for smaller heaters such as bathroom towel rails.


If you are curious about Aeon Radiators and their range, please visit https://www.designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk/.