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Advice When Buying Cheap Radiators

In the light of the terrible fire in our capital, where it is said an electrical appliance was at fault, is it safe to heat our homes on the cheap?



It seems that electric Cheap Radiators are more dangerous than heaters connected to the central heating system.  Having said that, if you are on a tight budget, you should always buy your rads from a respected dealer rather than from some obscure website.

You can easily find a good supplier if you listen to social media and what they say. If you just pick one out of a hat you are on a slippery slope.


You will not know where they have been manufactured as the packaging may not specify it. It could be that they have been produced in Europe, but all the components have come from a far eastern country.  These rads will have merely been put together in Europe and the components are of unknown quality.


If you buy from a safe site, you can do other things to lower your energy bills even further.  Energy prices never go down and even if you switch companies you can never be sure whether you get the correct deal.


Installing double glazing and loft and wall insulation is a start.  However, you could also place foil behind your radiators to deflect heat back into the room rather than the wall.

If a room is situated on the north side of the home, you could make extra thick curtains.  It is good practice to do this for every room really.  As you know, windows are always the weak point when it comes to letting the cold in.


The beauty of windows is that you can draw the curtains back when the sun is shining.  This will give you free heat.


If you have an open fire place which is not in use, you can stop this up with a simple balloon gadget.  A chimney needs to draw when a fire is going and there is much cold air coming down too if you don’t use it.


If you are on a budget and you need Cheap Radiators, they are obtainable from https://www.designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk/.