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Stylish, Warm And Warm Towels

If you are not on mains gas your choice of radiators will be more limited. You could either go for oil or you could have the whole house fitted with electric models.



There are two places where Electric Bathroom Radiators come into their own and that is of course in the bathroom, but if you have just had a conservatory built some of the styles could also look lovely there.


The beauty of these radiators is that they will cause minimum fuss when they are being installed as they do not need to be connected to your heating boiler. No piping needs to be laid, so floorboards don’t have to be lifted.


The best feature is that because they run independent from your boiler you can turn them on or off at will and you do not have to switch the boiler on to get some heat.  This fact means that you can warm a room on a chilly summer evening or, if it is raining outside, you are able to hang soggy towels up in your bathroom.


Sometimes if your home is listed you are also limited on what you can do and it may be that you won’t be allowed to install gas heating or any other that require pipes to be laid.


Electric heaters can either be free standing or they can be hung on a wall. It all depends on your preference or whether free standing models will suit the age of your home better.


Heated towel rails do work very well if you choose the right model.  As with any radiator you buy, you will have to make sure that you have the BTU of the room calculated.  Of course, you may need a larger one if you have many towels to dry as they trap the heat somewhat.


The best thing to do is to ask advice from your retailer and the plumber who is going to fit your new radiator.  If you are not sure, you could have an additional heater fitted if you have the room.


Many different styles of Electric Bathroom Radiators are to be found at https://www.designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk/.