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Vertical Rads Are Ideal For Narrow Walls

If you are green minded and you need to replace some radiators, the best metal to choose are heaters that are produced from recycled aluminium. The reason for this is that the water content within them is lower than other radiators.



You could ask your retailer if they can provide Designer Vertical Radiators made out of this metal. Apart from the lower water content they are also environmentally friendly as you are helping your carbon footprint.


Designer radiators are more costly than others and you could save further money by fitting them with thermostatic valves. You will then have control over heat output and you can lower temperatures in rooms that you rarely use.


If some of the rooms that you are heating are on the sunny side of the property, the radiators will automatically switch off at the temperature you have set.  The sun will have done its job and so will the thermostatic valves.


You can see that you can really save on your energy bills this way.  Another advantage is that aluminium is a light metal. When hung on the wall either vertically or horizontally, they will not put much strain on the wall itself. They will work well with weak walls.


When choosing radiators you can opt for colours as well as style.  You need to consider if you can live with a certain colour for a long time and also that the style can fit in if you should want to change the interior design of your home.


Coloured radiators can be re-sprayed, but if you get fed up with, say, a radiator that looks like an artwork there is nothing much you can do about changing its appearance.

Designer radiators are made to last and some of them have very long warranties. So you can see that you need to be careful what you choose.


Now that many homes are properly insulated there is no need to place radiators under a window.  That is just as well as designer models are there to be seen.


Further information about Designer Vertical Radiators or any other style, please go to https://www.designerradiatorsdirect.co.uk/.