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How to Save Money When Buying New Radiators

Radiators as single units are not particularly expensive. You can buy a decent sized radiator for as little as £70. Given this, why would you want to save money on your radiators? Well, the expense comes when you need to buy multiple radiators, or when you need to hire a plumber to install the radiators too.


In total, installing new radiators throughout the house can set you back as much as £3000 on average. Clearly, when costs approach that amount, it’s time to consider ways of saving money. To this end, you will find the tips written below useful.


Shop in the Sales

There are two times of year when you can make substantial savings on your radiators. These are:


  1. In the summer sales: people generally stop buying radiators in summer – why would they? It’s not the time of year for radiators. You can find some great savings here, and the bigger savings are in the bulk buys.



  1. Black Friday: while this is a relatively new thing to the UK, it has gained significant ground in recent years. Your local radiator shop is highly likely to have a decent sale going on this day, so get on down there, and check out the bargains. Black Friday happens on the last Friday in November – put it in your diary.


Consider Reconditioned Radiators

Many people get rid of their old radiators because they fancy a style change, and not because the radiators are faulty. Radiator specialists will buy these radiators at a reduced cost, refurbish them to make sure that they are in tip-top condition, and then will sell them on at a cheaper rate than the same unit would cost brand new.


This is the cheapest way to buy high-end designer radiators, and you can find some real bargains. It’s common to find top brands, such as Kermi, Hudson Reed, Stelrad, and De'longhi.


If there’s a brand you love, but the radiators are outside your price range, then look for a retailer that sells reconditioned/refurbed radiators and you may be in for a very pleasant surprise.


Be sure to insist on a decent guarantee – even refurbished/reconditioned radiators should come with a guarantee of at least 5-years. Don’t settle for anything less.



We seem to have lost much of the tradition of haggling in this country (UK), but it is still possible. Your local radiator shop is probably more than happy to haggle with you if it helps them to compete with the online retailers. It’s important that you give it a try at least. Otherwise, all this internet shopping is putting small businesses out of business, and that’s a bad thing.


Haggling isn't as difficult as you might imagine, and you don’t have to be a Del Boy character to pull it off properly. In fact, avoid that stereotyped form of haggling. It puts people off and makes them feel as if you're trying to rip them off – that’s the last thing you want them to feel because they will be much less inclined to give you a discount.


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