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Top Tips for Choosing Attractive Radiators for Your Home

Radiators are one of the most overlooked items of interior design. That’s silly, because they take up such a large proportion of any given room – we could certainly be using them much more to our own advantage. We all spend a good amount of time decorating our space, so why do so many people choose to ignore the radiators?


We’re not sure, but if you're reading this article, then you're surely looking to change this type of thinking. Well, good job, because we have many great tips to help you make the right choices when it comes to your radiators. Radiators should be praised for the wonderful thing they can be: an extra level of style to any room.


When it comes to radiators, you can easily match them to your interior décor, you just need to know what you're doing. This is where we can help. Below, you are going to find some helpful tips for choosing new radiators to suit your room.


Matching the Radiator to Your Interior Décor

One of the key problems people have when it comes to buying stylish radiators is that they do not match the style of the radiator to the style of the room. The radiator may look amazing in the showroom, or in your friend’s living room (wherever you were inspired), but if you want it to look good in your home, then you need to match it to your style.


For example, if you have a country cottage, you're home probably suits cast iron column radiators. If you choose the flashy designer radiators, whilst they may look good as a standalone item, within the rest of your décor, they may appear odd.


The best tip for choosing attractive radiators for your home is to make sure that you match the style of the radiator to the style of the room.


Correct Positioning

Next, you have to make sure that you position the radiator correctly. It needs to have the right location or it can appear out of place. For example, sticking a designer radiator under a bay window can look odd, but sticking a cast iron column radiator underneath, or a chunky but short panel radiator, can look great. The latter two suit the space but the former type does not. With flashy designer radiators, they should be acting more as an artistic display and should have pride of place on one of your walls.



The final thing to note here is that if you're buying stylish radiators, you don’t want to hide them away behind furniture or in unloved corners. The whole point of buying this type of radiator is that they look good in the space – don’t hide them away.


The Choice of Finish and Material

Finally, you should think carefully about the finish and the material of the radiator. Matt finishes tend to look better amongst traditional styles, such as The English Country look. Shiny finishes work better in executive spaces, such as a lovely executive home.