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What Are the Advantages of Installing a Towel Rail in the Bathroom?

Towel rails are a common addition to many bathrooms in the UK, and yet there are homes throughout the country that do not have this feature. Today, we are going to look at the reasons why it’s important to have a place to dry your towels in your bathroom.


If you're umming and ahing about whether you fit such a radiator, then you will find this article useful because we are going to explore the various advantages of installing a towel rail in your bathroom.



Is There a Reason Why People Don’t Install Towel Rails in Their Bathrooms?

Some of you might assume that it’s simply down to laziness, but some people have reasons for not installing towel radiators in their bathrooms (and they’re usually wrong!). Here are some of the things that people tell us when we ask them why they do not  have a towel rail in their bathrooms:


  1. They do not have central heating in that room, and so have assumed that they are stuck with the electric radiators (e.g. the Economy 7 type units).


  1. They already have a radiator and think that it would be prohibitively expensive to replace.


  1. Their bathroom is a wet room and this makes them assume that towels would be a silly idea because they’d get wet (which they may do if the radiator isn’t placed strategically).


The reasons listed above may make sense, but they are wrong because they are based on false premises. For example, you can buy electric towel rails, so the fact that they do not have central heating in that room is moot. Whilst the money issue is a factor, it’s actually much cheaper than people assume to change the radiator – including the cost of the radiator, it should cost less than £300. Finally, with wet rooms, you simply need to place the radiator as far away from the showerhead as possible – this is usually possible in most wet rooms, although there may be one or two exceptions.


What Are the Advantages of Towel Rails in the Bathroom?

OK, so we’ve explored some of the myths surrounding radiators in the bathroom, but let’s now turn our minds to the advantages of installing towel radiators in the bathroom. There are several:


  1. Towel rails help to reduce mould and mildew in the home. Because you have a place to dry your towels quickly, this can help to minimise the amount of moisture in the air in your home. In turn, this will help to minimise the risks of mould and mildew. This doesn't simply affect the bathroom, but the entire house – especially if you're one of those families who hand their towels over doors and banisters.


  1. As well as minimising the amount of mould and mildew in the home, they also minimise the amount of mildew in the towels. This means that your towels will not need washing as frequently as they would if you were to leave them to dry naturally.


  1. They keep your towels nice and warm. There’s nothing better than getting out of a cold shower into a nice warm towel. Bliss.