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Why Vertical Radiators Make the Perfect Choice for Your Living Room

When it comes to radiators, most people agree that vertical radiators look better than horizontal radiators too. We're not sure why this is the case: they can be identical but simply a different orientation, and the vertical one will still look better. 


Unfortunately, vertical radiators can sometimes be more problematic than horizontal radiators and this is because bar former tend to distribute heat less evenly.


However, before you rush out and buy horizontal radiators, consider some of the advantage that the vertical radiators have over the horizontal radiators because in many instances, vertical radiators can make the better choice of radiator for your living room. Here's why:



Energy Efficiency and Radiator Orientation


The main reason that people say that horizontal radiators are better is that they are more efficient in the way that they distribute heat around the room than the vertical radiators are. Without going too much into the science, this is simply because hot air rises and there is less space above the vertical radiators in the horizontal radiator, meaning a lot of the heat reaches the top of the room, but doesn't distribute throughout the room.


In terms of the efficiency of the radiator, as long as they both have the same BTU, they will cost the same to run and could use the same amount of heat. It's simply about heat distribution where one wins over the other.


However, this isn't to say that vertical radiators don't have their place, they certainly do.  The trick to improving heat efficiency with vertical radiators is to choose column radiators. This maximizes the amount of surface area of the radiator, which means that it then produces more heat for the same amount of energy usage.  If you want to install a vertical radiator, try to choose one that has columns.


Vertical Radiators and Small Spaces


The biggest advantage of vertical radiators is that they are much easier to place in smaller spaces. In living rooms, we tend to be a little cramped in the UK. Our houses are on the small side.  Because we might not be able to fit a horizontal space, a vertical radiator will work much better. This is because the vertical radiators can be more powerful. They can produce a greater amount of thermal energy in a smaller space because of their orientation.


If surface area is directly related to heat output, and if the only horizontal radiator that can fit in a space is small, it might not be able to produce enough heat. However, with vertical radiators, you can fit a larger unit in a smaller space because height is often not an issue in saving space - it's usually about the footprint the radiator has on the floor and a vertical radiator has a smaller footprint. 


Vertical Radiators and Appearance


Finally, vertical radiators tend to look better than horizontal radiators - especially if you choose column radiatorsThey simply have a better appearance - we're not sure why, but you can see for yourself by following the link at the bottom of the page 


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