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What Features Should You Look For When Buying Modern Central Heating Radiators?

Are you looking to buy new radiators? If you are, you probably want to make sure that the radiators you buy have all the whistles and bells needed to keep your home nice and warm whilst also being cost-effective.


During the course of this article, we are going to explore the various features that you should be looking for when buying a new radiator today.  All of the features discussed here will help to increase the efficiency of your central heating and will help to reduce costs.


Radiators that support all of these features may be more expensive than the short term, but over the life of the radiator, you're more than make-up for the additional costs. In addition, it's much better for the environment.


Multiple panels

When you're buying a horizontal radiator, the first thing that you should ensure is that it has more than one panel. The greater the number of panels, the more surface area the radiator has. Because surface area is directly implicated in the amount of heat the radiator can produce, multiple panels will produce much more heat.


You can buy modern radiators without two three panels.  These triple panel radiators cost a fraction more to run than the single panel radiators do, but they produce three times as much heat.  You might pay an extra half pence per hour for each radiator, but you'll be receiving much more heat so you will turn your central heating down or off much quicker. 


Technically, whilst it's marginally more expensive to run on face value, in actual use, they are much cheaper than single panels because you won't have to turn them off as high or on as long.


Convector fins

Another way that the radiator manufacturers increase the surface area of the radiators is by the addition of convector fins. Convector fins are corrugated strips of metal Place Behind each panel. They increase the surface area by about 1.5.  You can buy radiators with up to two strips of convector fins. 


If you were to buy modern radiators that have triple panels and double convector fins, you will increase the surface area of your radiator by 5.  that means that the radiator will be able to produce 5 times as much heat for practically the same cost as a single panel radiator could produce.  And as we said, you won't use the radiators two quite the same degree, so it actually works out even cheaper to switch to the style of radiator.




Thermostatic radiator valves

These files allow you to control the temperature of each individual radiator without having to affect the rest of your central heating. They are many thermostats for each radiator. They work automatically, opening and closing depending on how hot the radiator becomes. This gives you much greater control over each of your radiators in your house.


We hope that you have found this article useful. Triple panel, double convector fins, radiators with thermostatic valves are the best option out there. We hope that you now understand why.


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