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How Different Factors Affect Your Radiators

When buying new radiators, it’s important that you understand how different features affect its performance. It is only in understanding this that you can make an informed decision about the type of radiator that is likely to suit you and your home.


In this article, we are going to explore the various factors that can have an effect on your radiators and their performance. We will consider the pros and cons of different factors and features, and will look at when they are appropriate to use.


The Finish of the Radiator

Within the radiator industry, you can have a number of different finishes. Each type of finish will have a different impact on the way that the radiator performs, so let’s have a look at each type of finish in turn:


  1. Finish one: colour. The colour of your radiator has relatively little effect on the overall performance. However, white is considered the best finish for most radiators, with silver radiators being a close second. Black is a colour that you should avoid.


Studies have shown that they are around 1% less efficient than white radiators. That isn’t much, and will probably end up costing you an extra £5 at most a year. Therefore, if your main concern about your radiators is how they fit your style, and black is a style that works better than white, just think of it as costing you £5 a year to have the perfect choice of colour.


However, do check the efficiency rating of a radiator. We are unsure how rigorous the studies that were conducted actually were and it could be that the methodology is poor and is flawed.


  1. Finish two: reflective. The next issue with finish is whether the surface of the radiator is matte or reflected. If it is reflective, e.g. with most silver radiators, then you will need to ensure that it has some sort of insulation, such as towels or clothing. You should never use reflective radiators as a normal radiator. It releases heat too fast. It has to have towels/clothing in order for it to work properly. This is the reason why towel radiators tend to be silver. They are efficient when they have towels (much more efficient than white radiators with towels), but in efficient when they don’t have towels.


Horizontal vs Vertical Radiators

Horizontal radiators are typically the best option in most instances. The only exceptions are when the room is small but requires a lot of heat (a horizontal radiator won’t be able to produce enough heat because the space means using a small radiator) or when you want to place your radiators on either side of a window or door.


Central Heating vs Electric Radiators

Central heating radiators are still the best option…for now. This might not always be the case, but for now, they remain the cheapest to run of the two. You can buy dual fuel radiators are great for when you want to switch a particular radiator on without having to rely on the central heating, e.g. a towel radiator during summer.




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