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What Are the Advantages of a Curved Bathroom Radiator?

If you're shopping for a new radiator for your bathroom, you how might have noticed how curved radiators have become popular in recent years. A large majority of the radiators available for bathrooms are now curved. This is because the curved shape confers some advantages when compared to the old style ladder radiators.



If you've ever wondered why, then you've come to the right place, because we are going to look at the three key reasons why a curved radiator is better than a flat radiator for use in the bathroom.



One of the primary advantages of buying curved bathroom radiators is that it makes it much easier for you to place your towels on the radiator. How many times have you had to feed your towel through the gaps on your towel radiator? 


This issue is one that has affected people for decades, but that they overlook because it's only a mild inconvenience that happens once or twice a day. However, once you change to the curved radiators, you realise how much less frustrating it all is. It comes as a welcome relief when you're clean and de-stressed to be able to deal with the towels so effectively.


It might sound like something small that you can easily overlooked, but honestly, once you change, you'll never look back at the old style radiator with anything more than contempt.



Perhaps it's because this style of radiator is novel and we are not used to it, but they definitely have much more of a a aesthetic appeal than the older style radiators do. There's something about a curved radiator that makes it look more designer and special.


If you're looking for a radiator to suit a executive home or a new bathroom, then you really should be considering curved radiators. The only exception would be in very small rooms, where they can take up a little too much space and feel a bit awkward.


However, if the towel radiator fits the space, then we would always recommend a curved one. If anything else, it has a point of interest to the bathroom.


Improved Airflow (Convection)

Finally, the best thing about this style of bathroom radiator is that it is very good at convection. Radiators are called “radiators”, but they should really be called “convectors”, because they do not radiate heat, but use convection to move heat through the room.


Without getting too complicated, what happens is cold air and warm air mix and create air currents in the room. The better the radiator is at convection, the faster the room warms up and the hot air moves through the room.


There are all sorts of technologies that radiator manufacturers add to their radiators to boost convection, such as convector fins. However, in bathrooms, this is not always easy because most people want their bathroom radiators to have towels rails.  This doesn't allow for convector fins or multi panels, and so the manufacturers need to find another way to improve convection. One way of doing this is by curving the radiator. Therefore, a curved radiator produces a better heat quality than the flat rail radiators does.