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How to Create an English Countryside Interior Design

The English countryside look is sophisticated and elegant. It is one of those interior designs that we call a "Classic" design.  This means that it never goes out of fashion. For this reason, it is an excellent choice of interior decor, especially for older properties, such as Victorian or Edwardian homes. These homes are very popular in the UK and you find them in most major towns and cities.


Creating the English countryside look can be a little difficult, especially if you are not particularly well versed in interior design. If this sounds familiar, we have written this article for you. We are going to provide you with some tips that can help you to better understand this type of decoration.


Natural Resources

One of the key things to point out about this type of design is that it relies very heavily on natural Elements. For example, you will find a lot of wood, marble, and stone in an English countryside interior design. Imagine the kitchen for a second; it would have a wooden or stone worktop, with wooden cupboards and a natural tile floor.


We were very much about using natural resources and not opting for synthetic alternatives. It makes the entire house feel much more natural and environmentally friendly.


The Kitchen Cabinets

When trying to achieve the English countryside look through our house, getting the cupboards right can make all the difference, and everything else follows from there. Without a doubt, the quintessential English countryside look is the shaker cupboards look.


Without shaker cupboards, you can't genuinely specify that your kitchen design is a traditional English countryside look. They are paramount to getting this look right.


You can bring a modern twist to these cupboards by painting them in various shades. Particularly popular shade at the moment is baby blue. These look fantastic, especially in seaside resorts. Olive shades are more at home in wooded areas, such as the New Forest or the Forest Of Dean.


The English Countryside Accessories

Next, you need to think about a type of accessories you will have in your home that will reflect this look. Adding a butcher’s block to your kitchen is a very good way to do this. Your choice of radiators is also important. If you want to get this look perfected, then your only option is to buy  cast iron radiators. They are the personification of this style of interior design.


Cast iron radiators are ideal for bringing a touch of English class to your interior design. They can be expensive, in which case you can install them in one or two rooms, the lounge, and kitchen is generally the best option.



Having at least one of these radiators in your home can make a huge amount of difference. Just to put it in perspective, I saw a house sale for an extra £20,000 because it had a cast iron radiator when compared to its neighbouring house, which was identical in practically every way. It's the way the decor speaks to the buyer.


Follow these tips and you can have a beautiful English countryside home to. It's easier than you might imagine but the style is timeless.