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Whether you are choosing heaters for your new home or are replacing an antiquated system, the choice you have is unlimited.


Having consulted your budget and size you need you can go online and look for Radiators For Sale. There will be many out there that look stylish and also fit your price range.


Although style is important these days, heat output has to be a primary consideration.  Radiators made of pressed steel are probably the cheapest as they are mass produce. However, if you are environmentally aware you should consider aluminium.


These rads are made of recycled metal and what once was a food tin could now be incorporated into your new heater. These radiators heat up very quickly and they also contain less water.


This means that they use less energy to heat up and could, therefore, be cheaper to run. A note of caution, if you are on a strict budget you need to know that they are often more expensive to buy.


If you run your radiators off a ground heat pump they are also a suitable choice as they work very well with low heating temperatures.


Because horizontal heaters are the most common and there is a wide choice of styles available, they are often cheaper than any other radiator on the market. However, modern homes often don’t have room on a wall because of their width, the choice is taken out of your hands.



In this case a vertical model is more appropriate as they can be installed off the floor and on little wall space. This will give you the advantage to place furniture beneath them if you so wish.


In the bathroom ladder heaters are now very common. They combine heat with practicality as they hold several towels, depending to size, so you will never have mouldy and damp ones ever again.


All you need to remember is that they are very good at heating small spaces but they are less powerful than normal heaters. You may need extra heating if your bathroom is large.