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Choosing a Radiator for Your Towels: What You Should Be Looking For

Although towel heaters are very common, there is very little information out there about the type of things that you should be looking for when buying such a radiator. We have written this article to plug that gap. We are going to explore what you should be looking for when buying a new towel radiator. They require slightly different features of a standard radiator does and it's important to know the difference. We hope that this article teaches you these differences well. 


Make sure it has the correct heat output for the type of room

If you're looking for a towel radiator, then it is no doubt to go in the bathroom, utility room, or kitchen. It is highly unlikely that you have such a radiator in your lounge or bedroom, although it's possible.


When choosing any type of radiator, you have to make sure that it can produce enough heat to keep the room warm. Because Bathrooms and kitchens tend to be damp, they require more heat than other rooms in the house. For this reason, you have to ensure that you have taken the correct heat measurements for this type of room. For example, if you are using a BTU calculator, you have to ensure that it is one that allows you to specify that the room is a bathroom or kitchen. 


Make sure that the radiator is rust resistant

All radiators should be rust resistant, but it is even more important in bathrooms. You'll find that many towel radiators will go rusty within a year or two and this is because they haven't been treated properly and because they're made of a rust susceptible material, such as aluminium. The best choice of material for use in the bathroom or kitchen is stainless steel. This is because it is the most resistant to rust out of all the radiator materials. 


Make sure it has sufficient rungs

Many people assume that beach towel occupies a single rung at a time. This is not true. You need at least two rungs per towel in order to ensure that the radiator produces enough heat to dry the towel within a reasonable time.  Allocate at least two rungs per towel.


Make sure you choose a style you enjoy

There are hundreds of different styles of towel radiators on the market. You don't have to settle with the first one you find but instead should shop around to see what's available. A carefully chosen radiator can make a lot of difference to the style of the room and you'll be missing out if you don't take the time to look for a style that suits your taste and decor. 


We hope that you have found this article useful and informative and that you now have a good idea about how to buy your new towel radiator. The advice outlined above will really help need to make the best choice see your home.