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How to Make Your Lounge Cosier

Have you ever walked into somebody's lounge and thought to yourself, "Wow, this is such an awesome space. I wish it was mine"?  Some people just seem to have that knack of being able to create fantastic spaces. You walk into the home and everything feels comfortable, clean, and stylish. How do they do it?


Well, they follow a few rules of interior design. If you're fed up with how your lounge feels and it isn't quite hitting the spot as a place that you want to relax, then there are some fantastic things that you can do to make that space a little more enjoyable.  


We're going to explore these now:


A Lick of Paint

One thing that is going to drag down the feel of your home is if you're decor isn't quite up to scratch. If you haven't painted the room in a while, it's definitely time to pick up that paint brush and don't worry, it isn't that difficult. 


The best colour to paint your living room is white. This will give it a nice open and clean feel. Now, you have to be careful with your choice of white though. If you make the wrong choice, the room will feel clinical instead of cosy.


The trick is to use a warm white.  This makes the room feel bigger and more stylish without making it feel cold and uninviting. 


Most paint manufacturers will have information on their warm colours and these will include white, but if in doubt, head down to your local decorator shop, and ask for advice.


Use Throws and Pillows

It's no secret that many enthusiastic interior design options make use of accessories like pillows and throws. They can make a huge amount of difference to the space and render it extremely attractive and cosy.


This is a great trick if you need to buy a new sofa but can't afford it because it will breathe new life into the sofa or chair, without having to go to the expense of reupholstering it or buying a new one.


It's also fantastic for contrasting with the colour of the walls. Because you've painted the walls white, the rest of the colour is going to pop and make everything much more eye-catching and attractive.


Buy a New Radiator

So many people ignore the importance of the radiator in any room but when you think about it takes up such a large amount of space that you should take advantage of it to act as a focal point.


Choosing a designer radiator, such as Bisque radiators, is a fantastic way to bring style and sophistication to the room at very little cost. 


A decent Bisque radiator will cost you as little as £200, but it will add that little touch of style and sophistication to a room that makes it priceless.  This is a well-known trick within the interior design industry, but one that very few people are aware of in ordinary life, but your choice of radiator has a huge impact on the room.


We hope that you have found this article useful and that you now have a good idea about the type of things that will help you to create a fantastic space in your lounge.