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3 Things You Need to Check When Buying a Designer Radiator

Designer radiators are a fantastic addition to any room. They can really make the room pop and feel something special. Many people assume that because the radiator is a designer one, that it will always be an excellent choice for them. This is not necessarily the case.


In order to ensure that you are buying a radiator that is going to work well for you and the space, you need to pay attention to three things. Not all designer radiators are made equal so paying attention to these three facts can help make sure that you do not make costly mistakes.


1:  What is the build quality of the radiator?


The most important thing to be aware of when buying designer radiators is that the label "designer" tends to mean that the radiator looks unusual or interesting, and does not mean that it is a high-quality radiator. 


You have to do the necessary checks to ensure that the radiator you are buying is high quality as well as being designer. There is a very easy way to tell which radiators are high quality and that is by looking at the length of the guarantee offered by the manufacturer.  For example, Bisque radiators have a guarantee of up to 20 years. 


This is an exceptional length for the radiator industry where a typical guarantee is 5 years. Anything above 10 years tells you that the build quality is good. 20 years shows that the build quality is excellent.


2: How does the radiator fit with the style of the room?


 There are some truly exceptionally beautiful radiators on the market and this can make people part with their cash when they really shouldn't. Remember, just because a radiator looks great in a showroom or in somebody else's home, it doesn't mean that it will look good in your home. 


When you buy a designer radiator, you need to ensure that it suits the style of the home/room. If you don't, you can inadvertently end up buying and I saw that looks bad and actually does the opposite of what you're trying to achieve.


Make sure that the style suits the room in both colour and shape/size if you want to make the best choice when buying a designer radiator.


3: How much heat does it output?


The final thing that you need to pay attention to is the amount of heat the radiator can produce. So many people ignore the heat output when buying a radiator because they're just focused on the style of the radiator. It doesn't matter if you buy the most expensive high quality Bisque radiator. If it doesn't have the desired output, it is not going to be suitable for the space. 


In fact, we should have probably have chosen this point to be the number one point as it is the most important factor here. Because, after all, your radiator is there to produce heat.


I hope that you have found this article useful. The thing to take away is that you need to pay attention to heat output first, then the build quality of the radiator and only after paying attention to those two aspects, should he decide on the side of the radiator.