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What Are the Benefits of Buying a Compact Radiator?

Those of you who are particularly observant will have noticed that the compact radiator has become increasingly popular in recent years. Do you know why?


It's because they have so many benefits. In this article, I am going to explore some of the benefits that you can expect to have if you buy a compact radiator.


They're Great for Small Spaces


Well obviously, the main reason that people buy compact radiators is that they allow you to heat a small room. If there was no such thing as compact radiators, how would we be able to heat a little utility room or tiny bathroom?


We wouldn't be able to...well, actually…that's not entirely true. You can install vertical radiators in small spaces, but they can make the room feel even smaller.


They Give You More Space Regardless of the Size of the Room


It isn't just small rooms that benefit from a compact radiator, large rooms can benefit too. For example, if you install a big rectangular radiator in your living room, you'll probably lose an entire wall of usable space. With space at a premium in the UK, this isn't a good thing.


Enter the compact radiator: It can provide a relatively large room with an off-peak without taking up as much usable wall space. As long as you choose the correct type of radiator, they can produce almost as much heat.  This leads us nicely onto the next point.


They Provide Almost as Much Heat as a Larger Radiator


Compact radiators make use of various technologies to ensure that they can produce sufficient amounts of heat for the space. For example, manufacturers will often use multiple panels with compact heaters so that the surface area is much larger. They also tend to use multiple convection fins.


Not only do the fins increase the surface area of the radiator, but they also increase the way that it distributes heat through the room. The more convection fins there are on a radiator, the better the heat will distribute through the room.


You don't really have to worry about this too much though. In order to ensure that the radiator has enough heat for the room, all you need to do is to check the BTU rating and compare this to the BTU requirements of the room. BTU stands for British thermal units and it is how we measure the output in the UK. To find out how much heat your room needs, you just have to use a BTU calculator, which you can find online.


As you can appreciate, a compact heater so I can work fantastically well in a modern home. We hope that you now appreciate how beneficial they can be. They aren't the answer to everyone's heating needs, but they can definitely address many problems faced by UK homeowners.