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3 Reasons to Choose a Wall-Mounted Electric Radiator

Within the radiator industry, electric radiators get quite a bad press. Many people are averse to choosing the style of radiator because of this reputation. However, this reputation is somewhat unwarranted nowadays because of how far radiator technology has come.


In the past, it is certainly true that central heating radiators were the better option. This is no longer necessarily the case. We are going to explore this topic during the course of this article where we look at the advantages of installing a wall mounted electric radiator.


They might not be the ideal choice and every scenario, but they certainly have their place.


Reason 1: The Running Costs May Be Less than Central Heating in the Coming Years


The main reason that electric radiators get a bad press is that they are generally more expensive to run than central heating radiators are. This is because the price of electricity is more than the price of natural gas.


However, the energy market is changing and these pressures may disappear within the next generation as we move towards renewable energy. 


In the future, it is likely that natural gas will become increasingly expensive as we start to run out. Not only that, but it is likely to have an impact on the environment and if we are serious about saving our planet, we will stop using this type of resource and stick with renewable resources.


More and more electricity is being generated via renewable sources such as wind power and hydropower. Technology is increasing year-on-year and consequently, electricity prices are coming down.


This means there within the next decade, wall mounted electric radiators are likely to be cheaper than central heating radiators to run, especially when you couple this with the use of night storage bricks.


Reason 2: They're Much Easier to Install


In general, it is much easier to install an electric appliance like a radiator than it is to install something connected to your central heating, such a boiler, or a radiator.


This is because if you want to add a new fixture to your central heating system, you will have to lift up the floorboards/tiles and lay down new pipework. This can be quite a daunting challenge and it is much more expensive than simply installing a new electric radiator.


Reason 3: They Are Lightweight and Can Therefore Be Placed on Weaker Walls


Central heating radiators are full of water and this makes them heavy. They are generally twice as heavy as a typical electric radiator is.  With a weak wall, such as a partition wall, a central heating radiator might be too heavy and can potentially damage the wall. 


Wall mounted electric radiators are much lighter and so are much less likely to cause any significant damage. I would always recommend that you have a wall survey done just to verify, but often, the electric radiators are the better solution for a weak wall.


I hope that you have found this article useful and it you now have a good idea about why you should be choosing a wall mounted electric radiator for your next radiator purchase. They aren’t suitable for everyone, but they certainly have their place.